Charlotte Hawkins Urges Women To Regularly Check Their Breasts

Charlotte Hawkins, presenter of Good Morning Britain, has been speaking of the importance of regularly checking your breasts for any changes.

In an interview shared by BT, she spoke about her shock at learning of friend Jacquie Beltrao’s - a Sky News presenter - breast cancer diagnosis five years ago. Ms Hawkins said:

“When Jacquie was discussing how she discovered hers, I thought, it’s really important to check. You could be living with a lump or you might have noticed changes. It’s really important to check and be sure.”

If you’re not sure what you’re looking for, there are plenty of guides online about what to look for. Macmillan is just one of several charities that has a list on its website, which includes a range of things in addition to lumps that you should be mindful of, such as dimpling of the skin or thickening of the breast tissue.

Using a breast self examination device could be helpful to allow you to notice any changes early. The high light intensity LEDs in BREAST-i scatter light through the breast tissue. In a normal breast, it should appear a uniform pink or red colour. If there are dark patches, you should seek medical advice.

A darker area in the breast doesn’t necessarily mean you have breast cancer, as other conditions can cause these dark patches, but it’s an early sign that you should visit your doctor for further tests.

Ms Hawkins stressed the importance of early diagnosis, noting that her friend’s experience had made her more mindful of keeping an eye on any changes in her own body.