Breast-i ‘Increases Early Cancer Detection’ In Younger Women

Younger women living in sub-Saharan countries could benefit from making use of new technology in the form of BREAST-i, a device that is particularly sensitive to angiogenesis, is reliable and affordable – so can be used effectively to increase early detection of the disease… which can, as a result, lead to treatment success.

Breast cancer is the most frequently diagnosed cancer in the world and one of the main causes of cancer death among women. In 2012, almost 1.67 million new cases of the disease were diagnosed around the world, representing around 12 per cent of all new cancer cases.

Mammography isn’t easily applicable in the majority of sub-Saharan countries because of a lack of manpower and availability, and unreliable power – as well as non-usage in women under the age of 40 with dense breast tissue.

BREAST-i was developed to be used to see ‘inside’ breasts for detection of suspicious lumps. And a new study, published in the International Journal of Breast Cancer, has been proven to be a reliable device, one that can detect breast masses, blood-filled cysts, abscesses and blood leakages. It can also be used to follow the progression of the disease and the progression of treatment. It was concluded:

“Our results reveal that BREAST-i is a much more effective screening device especially by being able to pick up both nonpalpable lesions and very small lesions in larger breast which are often missed by CBE. Due to detection of angiogenesis, BREAST-i pickups always warrant further evaluation as it is potentially cancerous. Furthermore, being battery operated and emitting no radiation, BREAST-i can be used on all women from 15 years and above, pregnant or lactating.”

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