A non-diagnostic breast self examination device.

using Breast-i in a mirror to inspect a breast
Using BREAST-i to inspect the breast at home.
Breast-i device held in a hand
The handheld BREAST-i home use device with memory and advanced sensor technology.

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: read our customer and distributor feedback.

: read our blog posts on recent findings about Breast Cancer.

: read a research paper - BREAST-i is an effective and reliable adjunct screening tool for detecting early tumour related angiogenesis of breast cancers in low resource sub-Saharan countries (pdf) - published in International Journal of Breast Cancer.


Ricardo, Uruguay

“After one and a half years of use the BREAST-i works well, as expected, and I want you to know this for your record. It is a very good invention…”

Recommendation by Obstetrician AG, UK

“Thank you for sending information. I think your invention will serve a very big role to reduce morbidity and mortality from breast cancers in the developing world and the attendant suffering and social upheaval. In addition there is a great potential to aid existing screening modalities for breast cancer in the developing world and reduce anxiety. This is even more so in people with strong family history of cancer. Congratulations…”

Dr Eric Gyan, Ghana

“Some of my colleagues and my clients will like to purchase some BREAST-i. We've been using BREAST-i for various outreaches and it has really proved useful…”

UK Customer

“It was very easy to use and all looks to be fine, I have loaned it to a friend already for her to try it out too…”

Letter from Professor John Mallard, FRSE

“How very kind of you to send me your BREAST-i, so magnificently designed and made… You must feel very proud of it…”

Manuela, South America

“I have to tell you that we started to use BREAST-i on patients and people are really impressed with it…”

Importer to India

“Today we had another successful presentation round with the state health mission committee where BREAST-i was successfully demonstrated to Senior Health officials. Meanwhile, we have had a few wonderful instances while the device was being promoted, we got the patients coming in with some symptoms that were difficult to understand by mere physical examination, but the introduction of BREAST-i equipped the clinicians to see through the lesions. Your innovation was greatly appreciated… Please accept my heartiest congratulations for having developed this technology. We shall be placing our first repeat order next week…”

Letter from Scottish Government

“I have therefore made both the First Minister and the Cabinet Secretary for Health and Sport aware of your product, BREAST-i…”

Recent Customer

“My mom, aunt and some other employees in the company have tried it. I was amazed when I saw the red light glowing and it lit up the whole breast after a few seconds! I think every woman will be excited and interested in trying out the product. Thank you and your colleagues for your hard work in inventing this product! Our company will try our best to make more people acknowledge the existence of the product, and help women prevent avoidable surgeries…”

Importer to Malaysia

“Initial impression - very impressive… BREAST-i looks very good and robust… am charging it now…”

Nikoletta, Cyprus

“We liked the product! It's very simple to use and the light is strong! It makes much more easier the daily checkup at home…”

Frank, Ghana

“The new versions are perfect…”

Importer to Colombia

“I have good news for you from Colombia. This week we open a new clinic in association with the Colombian Air Force. They are really excited with your device and they are helping everyone to get to know BREAST-i. I have to say that I did a try with the device and I'm really impressed with it, is perfect and easy to use…”

BREAST-i designer

“My wife and several of her friends tried the device and they were amazed at what they could see with it. The light output is noticeably better than anything we have seen before. Contrast is good and discerning veins is easy…”

Importer to Philippines

“I just want to share with you the newly released certificate for BREAST-i from the Philippine FDA. We received positive feedback on BREAST-i from both doctors and consumers. Regular sales were recorded since we promoted it three weeks ago. We are positive for a good sales trend for the coming weeks.…”

Breast Awareness

Most women are on the lookout for changes in their breasts and doctors recommend that women should know how their breasts look and feel. This is called being breast aware.

Most women know to check for breast lumps that are out of the ordinary but there are other changes to look out for. These include a change in size or shape of your breasts, a change in the skin such as dimpling or puckering, any changes in a nipple or discharge, persistent pain and lumpy areas or thickening of tissues.

If you observe any of these changes ask your doctor to check your breasts and advise you on their significance. Most lumps are not serious and can be easily treated where necessary. Should there be a cancer, early treatment offers the best chance of cure.

In the UK, one woman in 8 will suffer from breast cancer in her life time. Breast cancer is the major cause of death in women under 50 years and second major cause of death among all women. There are 55,000 new cases of breast cancer each year in UK. There are about 11,500 deaths from breast cancer each year in UK. 50% of women survive for 10 years after the first diagnosis of the disease but 50% do not.

The best hope of a cure is early detection and this also reduces the number of mastectomies. Currently NHS breast screening starts for women at age 50 years and is carried out at 3 yearly intervals until age 70 years.

Latest Blog Posts

Benefits of the BREAST-i device

BREAST-i is a new health and wellbeing product for women. It is a light-based home use technology, providing another way to keep an eye on your breasts and aims to assist in spotting changes early.

The UK's largest breast cancer research charity Breast Cancer Now advises women to touch, look and check (TLC) their breasts to pick up any sign of lumps early, when cure is possible and likely - they say “Love your breasts. Be breast aware”. BREAST-i adds a new dimension to looking, and is simply keeping another eye on your breasts.

woman holding Breast-i box

BREAST-i is non-diagnostic and most changes will prove to be benign and not be cancer. Don't worry if you see a change from month to month - simply visit your doctor.

The thinking behind BREAST-i

BREAST-i has been developed by Highland Innovation Centre Ltd (HIC). The original prototype device was called BreastChecker. The technology has progressed from BreastChecker to Breastlight and now to BREAST-i. HIC has pioneered this concept of using light to examine breasts. The company received a SMART award from the Scottish Government, and a grant from Highlands & Islands Enterprise to develop a light-based device culminating with BREAST-i.

Tests in Africa have shown 94% sensitivity for breast cancer detection and 84% for benign disease. About 10,000 women in Ghana have been examined using BREAST-i and its predecessors. The motivation for the work was to provide women with a safe, easy to use device to check their breasts for any changes which indicate the need to get a medical opinion.